Refunnel integration with Shopify email

Refunnel enables you to add email placements to your Shopify notifications, which customers receive while shopping on your website.


You can add Refunnel widget in the following notification emails

1. Order confirmation
2. Shipping confirmation
3. Out for delivery
4. Shipment delivered
5. Custom
6. Klaviyo integration

Detailed Instructions

Follow these steps to integrate Refunnel into your order confirmation email. The same process may be used for other email notifications.

1. Go to settings page in your Shopify dashboard

To start the install process, head over to your Shopify dashboard and click settings.

2. Click notifications

3. Open one of the suggested emails to edit.

Order Confirmation

4. Click on ‘Edit code’

5. Paste in the snippet code after the order summary table

In the Refunnel app, navigate to the campaign you created in the “Campaigns” tab. Click on ‘Copy code’ and paste it after the order summary table in the email.

6. Preview the email and make sure it look like this

Now each time a customer receives an order confirmation email they’ll see Refunnel widget and register for the UGC campaign.

You can repeat the above steps for any of the other email notifications you want to add Refunnel to.


If you would like to create a custom call to action to Refunnel you can do that too. Go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the Refunnel app, navigate to the campaign you created and copy the URL

Klaviyo Integration

If you would like to integrate emails with Klaviyo we have a full guide on our blog.