Increase UGC Through Klaviyo &
Refunnel: Step-by-Step Guide

Klaviyo is a great way to stay connected with your customers through email. In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to use Klaviyo Flows to increase UGC from your customers or your brand. Ready to get started?. Let's hop in!

Past vs Future Orders

This tutorial will focus on new orders using Klaviyo flows. Soon, we'll be releasing a tutorial on how to send email campaigns to your past orders too!


To set this up, you'll need a couple things:
1. A Shopify store with an enabled subscription
2. An active Klaviyo account
3. Klaviyo integrated with Shopify
4. A Refunnel account

Setting up the Flow

To create a Klaviyo flow, go to and choose the Create Flow option. Then, at the top right corner, hit Create from Scratch. Give your flow a name and press Create Flow.

Create a flow, then add logic with rules and logic trees for users after they complete an action. Klaviyo simplifies the process - to begin, click the Trigger tile.

On the left side of your screen, you should see a pane. Select the 'Metric trigger' and find the 'Fulfilled Order' option for Shopify integration.

Now that we have our trigger, let's set up a filter so that it's less noisy. This step is critical: Make sure the filter properties matches the campaign you have setup on the Refunnel app.

Once you save, you should have a flow that looks like this:

Now we need to add a time delay to make sure this email is sent after the customer has received the product. Drag a time delay onto your flow and set it for 14 days. Set a date a few days after your usual delivery time to ensure your customer receives the product. Note that the time delay may differ by store.

Time for the fun part - sending the email. Drag an Email block to be after the time delay you've set up.

For the subject line, we recommend using "Get moneyback for your recent order" and using one of our email templates as a good starting point. From there, make it your own!

Already have a Post Purchase Flow Setup?

Use Refunnel even if you already have a flow setup in Klaviyo for post-purchase. For instance, here's an example of a product review flow:

Klaviyo allows you do add something called a Conditional Split to segment customers traveling through your flow. Let's add one just before the product review email.

Next up, select Random sample and set it to 50%. This will send 50% of your traffic into your normal review flow and 50% into the Refunnel flow. The best of both worlds!


Wrapping Up

We are excited to see how you leverage Klaviyo Flows and Refunnel to increase user-generated content for your brand. If you need help setting up a complex flow, don't hesitate to contact us!